First Entry

by thetanvi

 I am headed to India next month where I will travel and visit with my family before taking on an internship with Dr. Vandana Shiva and the organization Navdanya.  I will be splitting my time between Delhi, the capital of India, and an organic farm/ educational center/ seed bank in the foothills of the Himalayas. Going to India is such an overwhelming thing, it’s such a tremdeously different world altogether.  Hopefully I can be less conscious of how out of place I feel and dive into learning more and connecting with my family and the culture.  Not to mention the great work I have lined up is exactly what I desired- I didn’t even apply to anything else. I know that India is where I want to go and that right now growing food and protecting indiginous rights is my foremost priority. Despite how intimidated I am to work on this project I know that the challenge is something I’ll have to grow for and from.

I will be organizing a conference on GMO(genetically engineered organisms) and a workshop on Seed Sovereignty 
In addition to organizing the workshop and conference and researching GMOs and BT Brinjal, I would like to take on an independent research project, as suggested by the documents you attached. Since I do not yet have familiarity with the setting I cannot know what kind of research/fieldwork I will be able to conduct but I have a few ideas, perhaps centering around the themes of women’s roles in growing and healing in the indigenous communities, or comparative analysis of food security, or community perspectives and effective education of organic agriculture. Overall I hope to see and record how people are able to live off the land in localized ways and how the world at large can learn and benefit from their knowledge in order to enhance the protection and rights of indigenous groups in the face of industrialization and globalizing. I have a vague idea that if any publication or website is established based on my research, proceeds and credit should go to protecting the culture and knowledge of those I study since I hope to record and make available the benefits of medicinal herbs and other aruvedic treatments. I hope to do some more preliminary research before I arrive to have a better scope on my research question and methods.