Notes to Self

by thetanvi

– Be upfront. Being brave on the onset makes things easier in the long run, though more difficult in the present
– Stay sane, stay composed, even when tired and irritable. Conduct self with respect and demand to be treated with respect.
– Be polite. Show kindness to others. Be accepting and don’t be judgemental. Provide positive advice and support, not criticisms.
– Show compassion, show interest in getting to know and spending time with those admired and enjoyed. Be gracious but do not waste precious life with those who are not admired or enjoyed.
– Be engaged in the present, in the moment.
– Drink lots of water. Care for skin, body, hair consistently.
– Include veggies and protein in every meal. Fruit in the morning & snacktimes.
– Keep clean and organized. Keep track of body and cycles. Wear glasses more, contacts less.
– Don’t let time pass by in front of screens. Get up. Get out.
– Smile and make eye contact at all interactions.
– Be grateful. Give thanks. Appreciate the good things.
– Stretch. Daily. Hold head up, back straight, long strides. Deep breathing and meditation. Pick up new yoga poses.
– Keep a planner. Keep track of experiences. Keep a record. Look back at it.
– Let go of the little things, enjoy life’s pleasures. It’s okay to drive and spend money on time on silly things sometimes because fun and friends are essential too. Make most of life.
– Appreciate and encourage family togetherness.
– Let new people in, share honestly and believe in personal worth.
– Keep adding to list. Consider it a daily checklist?