Preparations: Two Days to Departure

by thetanvi

I’ve decided to take a moment to get centered before going back to prepping for the trip. It’s certainly a challenge to pack for two months when your travels include frigid london, trying to look presentable for Family in coastal Bombay, hot Gujarat, and the capital Delhi, plus the durable warm clothes I’ll need for farm life in the remote Himalayan foothills.

I think it will take more than simply making a note to self that I need to stay sane and composed when I’m tired.  I really regress into a very childish state when sleep deprived and I truly want to avoid having a negative impact on others with my attitude.  I need to come up with a way to actively filter my words and actions… ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Today I did get a fair amount done- I compiled the information for my applications to the Food & Water Watch, Land Conservancy & Fish and Wildlife positions in DC.  I wrote Thank You’s from the grad party but haven’t uploaded pictures.  For the trip I picked up a new pair of glasses I’m hoping won’t give me headaches like my last, and two pairs of comfy shoes since I’ve just worn out all the ones I have. I also did laundry after getting back from the fun Snow Tubing trip to PA I took with my sweet girlfriends from high school.  Jumping on hotel beds, singing into hairbrush microphones, & pillow fights… I’m so glad we never grew out of any of it!

unfortunately I forgot to wash some of the clothes I got sick on after going out downtown Thursday for my ‘Fine Farwell in Federal Hill’.   Despite the sloppy, embarrassing ending to that night, I had an incredible time with friends new and old and I was really glad that I organized the get together (for my memory… friends from school were Danni, Fawn, Daniella, Bryan, Rob, Pegah, Kevin & Mark, plus home friends Alex, Justin M, Jasper, Frank, Matt, Justin S, Liz, Justin W, Don, Anna. Yep three Justins. I was a bit sad that Jeannie & Steph didn’t make it but I did get to see them before leaving because… snow tubing!) 

Friday, before the snow tubing adventure and after surviving the night on the town (thanks to his help in fact),  I got to see Brandon again, which I didn’t expect to happen (we’ve already said our goodbyes about three times now- I suppose that might help cushion the impact of separation. I’m glad we’re back on good terms but there are still unresolved questions about us puttering around my mind.)  I also got the chance to see Leah and Jeff who were in town from Denver.  Not only are they fun great people, but they were also amazing hosts to Brandon and I during our California trip. When I began packing today, my suitcase still contained some things from the trip… ah I will certainly have to do a nice summary recollection of that travel adventure.

My last day of work was Thursday as well I had a lunch with lovely Danni at Zia’s in Towson and my chill supervisor Tim needs a shoutout for being awesome. I must say it was a lovely surprise to have a strawberry cake with a Himalayan Mountain Gandhi quote topping awaiting me and the recycling internship with the County was one I enjoyed.  There was a weird collapse when I fainted or something on Thurs after running around campus delivering Thank You Notes to Professors & saying what I thought would be a final goodbye to Brandon, but Tony saved me there.  I made some really cute graphics for the kids recycling page and I wish I had saved them or I would have plopped them on the blog for you to gush over.

Om Shanti Om is on downstairs & after all the dancing I’ve done to the song I really must go check out what the video looks like.

Take care until next time!

Note to self… less mundane details in blog. But I think that these past few days have been really enjoyable.  I’m making note of this life I’m leaving behind for now, and I want to capture how things are in this moment on the cusp of stepping away, and hopefully moving forward.