by thetanvi

So now I’m in Ahemdabad, Gujarat- I wore my gmom’s sari to a wedding and thought- (in how many cultures can something look great on ppl of 2 dif generations?)  Now I’m with the mom’s side of the family and it’s less overwhelming.

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I made friends with the 1&half year old next door, he was so cute, til he peed on me.  My mom got hit while we were walking, a motor scooter accident.

I want to learn how to cook, but the fact that the cook does most of the cooking leaves me out of luck. But I am learning a bit, especially about what the vegetables and spices are called.

I’ve been reading Gandhi, Mary gave me a book of his. We’ll be going to the village my mom grew up in and also to the Narmada Dam. It’s kind of funny that I did a report on the harmful social and environmental impacts of it and all, and Vandana Shiva, who I’m interning under, was one of the main advocates against it, but I have resigned to going. My grandfather, who is quite literary, wrote a poem in honor of the dam and insists I go and the benefits of progress are more important than the environmental and human costs.

Gandhi says, everything we take is a theft from nature.  I’ve come to terms with my sentiment in that I appreciate my indulgences and I am still happy to sacrifice. So, though I am aware of how I take more than I need for survival, as Gandhi and my heart protests against, and my conscience plagues me, I live in a broader perspective and enriched capacity.