more notes to self

by thetanvi

Stay positive and remind  myself of my worth.

Realize my suffering is insignificant when compared to empathy for all the suffering and injustices of the world.

Instead of dwelling in anger towards the one that hurt me, have compassion towards everyone.

Problems and pain are just a oppertunity to grow stronger and cultivate virtues.

Overcome my self-absorbtion, focus instead on self awareness of my intentions and motivations behind my decisions and actions.

Treat others with joy, acceptance, and interest, and I will receive the same positive attention.

Don’t be ashamed of the mistakes of my past, but be proud and committed to the changes I will make to improve myself.

Be the best I can: as healthy and on task and genuine as I can.

Don’t rely on having and making relationships and connections with others to prove my self-worth.

Considering what others think of me is only an impediment to following my heart.

Trust and have faith in others, even if I end up hurt, I can know I did right by contributing good energy.

Stay focused, stay energized.

Be independent.

Speak articulately, slowly and stay conscious of filler words when talking solo.

Be open and upfront.

Keep lists on how to survive heartbreak and reread them when I lose track of my inner peace and composure.

Have fun with life.

Take myself seriously and so will others.

Take only the opportunities that excite me.