Sowing Seeds Here & Now: After the Summit

by thetanvi

Wow, Sowing Seeds Here & Now! A Chesapeake Urban Farming Summit was tremedous. We pulled it off, despite the stressful days leading up to the event where obstacles kept popping up. Great speakers, panelists and workshops; great food; and 400 amazing attendees all made it a great event not to mention the intense contributions of the organizers. We had an amazing batch of volunteers that also helped to make everything go as well as it did, plus the help of my buddies Ed & Ed of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. I was so glad to see everyone and everything come together for this wonderful cause.

I met quite a few interesting people incidentally, just chatting with a random person who turns out to be someone with a strong connection with you. For instance, I got one business card which is identical to one that once held my name- at the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Food & Agriculture Program. It turns out they too are turning towards the urban farming solution and are organizing in that direction. Indeed, so is Navdanya, the organization I worked for in India. It seems all things just come together! =D

At the lovely venue of Busboys and Poets, we held a fundraising event for Sowing Seeds, but that is also the same location where I met up with my collegues and mentors from India and the Center for Food Safety in DC for a great discussion. Which I will now proceed to post about as well.