“I felt their deep sorrow and that became my empowerment.” H. Kumar

Activists & journalists are silenced, but the truth will be told.

Below are moving excerpts from activist Himanshu Kumar, addressing the issue of Operation Green Hunt, where the Democratic nation of India is exploiting and oppressing it’s own indigenous tribal people, the adivasi.  These are the forest people who have lived in isolation, unaware of and unexposed to the modern government- now facing militant aggression and land dispossession as the goals of economic progress hunger for their mineral rich territories. The full text is available here, voicing heartbreaking stories of structural conflicts, rape and pillaging- all enforced by the state itself.  As the underlying source of all wars- from ancient conquering of territories and empires to modern insatiable appetites for fossil fuels and financial power, selfish greed fuels the rhetoric and concepts behind the villain-ization and dehumanizing of the enemy.

If people don’t get justice, there is no way of fighting poverty, no one listens to the people’s problems, then democracy based just on the structural farces cannot last.

If democracy is not applied to the grass root level, then there is no alternative to large-scale unrest

A few days ago the new Operation Green Hunt was started. Sixteen adivasis were killed early one morning by the CRPF, in Gompad. A two year old boy’s – Suresh’s fingers were cut. The boy’s mother was first knifed in her head, she was raped after she died. His eight year old sister was stabbed to death. His father was also killed. A seventy year old man who couldn’t run was also killed. A seventy-year old woman’s breasts were chopped off before she was killed. We took some of the afflicted people to Delhi. We filed a case in the Supreme Court. When all these people came to Dantewada to talk to Chidambaram, they were detained by the police. They are still in jail. This nation’s democracy is silent, as is the Supreme Court and the media. While Suresh and a woman who was shot in the leg are being held in the jail.

For us, everything is good, we eat twice a day, our children go to school. We are respected. All’s well with the world. Then where is the problem? When we think about it, really think about it, all the natural resources of this planet, sunlight, water, should be equally distributed among everyone. But in reality that doesn’t happen. We create our superiority by instilling the feeling of inferiority in others.

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