Navdanya at a glance

by thetanvi

Wow. Since starting my internship with Navdanya, I have yet to post once.   Since arriving at the beautiful Bija Vidyapeeth Farm/Educational center I’ve been either digging my hands into the earth, connecting with some of the most inspiring and awakened people in world, and learning about the most pressing issues of the time, and finding myself increasingly horrified with institutional/governmental forces working against basic rights because of industrial and corporate interests.  

To save myself time and energy my summary of the last two months is being copied straight from my freshly updated resume…  

Research Internship                                                                                                                             February 2010- Present  

Navdanya (sponsored by Intl Center for Networking, Ecology, Education & Reintegration) New Delhi, India  

  • Assisted with administrative, agricultural, educational and seed saving activities at Bija Vidyapeeth, Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Farm.
  • Research Assistant for Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution of Traditional Organic Farmers with Carrie Stile’s Masters Thesis.  Conducted interviews and research in the Himalayan organic pledged village of Sankri, Garwal.
  • Organized course on Seed Sovereignty at Bija Vidyapeeth & International Conference on Two Decades of the GMO Free Movement and Bt Bringal Debate in India, in Dehli.
  • Composed web content including FAQ regarding Genetically Modified Organisms and Avvaz international activists petition to President Obama and First Lady Obama for food sovereignty. 

Research and graphic design for the Indigenous People’s Tribunal, a public hearing on human rights, state repression, and land dispossession with verdict by Supreme Court Justices in Delhi.  

The issues I’ve been working on from seeds to indigenous rights all are close to my heart and I will be going in-depth writing up an entry for each. For now, I will simply give some links to people who have articulated them in terrific blogs that just might put mine to shame.   

Blogs of kindred spirits/coworkers/roommates Micah & Matt: they are right on the mark, couldn’t have said these same things better myself.  

Micah: Satyagraha:  : the Force which is born of Truth and Love or non-violence (Gandhi)  

Matt: in nonviolent service of : human rights • sustainability • food security • peace  

The Brilliant Navdanya Blog:  




Stunning Photographs & a bit on the issue of land dis-possession of ‘tribals’: